Shira Zahavi

The team's former Mossad handler


Code Name: Whistler

Highly trained and incredibly deadly, few people who work with Shira would ever question her professional abilities. Even fewer people would ever attempt to cross her – she can kill you with her bare hands, not to mention practically every weapon known to man.


As an Isreali citizen, Shira had to spend some years in the military. She trained as a pilot, but her superiors quickly noticed her potential in other areas, and two years into her military service she was offered a position in the Mossad. She was drafted to join Nemesis as soon as she left.

Upon first glance, few people think she is capable of killing a man with her bare hands. She is lovely and rather small for someone in her line of work. She has caramel-colored skin and long, near-black hair. She speaks with a bit of an accent and can often be heard swearing in Hebrew.

Shira Zahavi

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