Kellan Foster

Nemesis cell #2 leader


Code Name: Snowball

The team knows Kellan to be a capable leader, and his work history and experience support the confidence he has gained with his subordinates.


Kellan Foster, 42, is personally in charge of Nemesis Cell #2, one of the special divisions of The Nemesis Initiative. He is a rather laid-back person, given his line of work. He is both a former police officer and FBI agent, and did a stint working for intelligence before he came to work for Nemesis. As open as he is about is professional work history, he is incredibly tight-lipped about his personal life. Some speculate whether the band he wears is a wedding ring, but no one actually knows.

He is a relatively tall, broad-shouldered man who appears rather intimidating before you get to know him. His hair is brown and grey and kept in a short, classic hairstyle. He looks to be of Latin-America descent.

Kellan Foster

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